Eric Gaddy

Financial Advisor & Author

Eric has a widely spanning career in the financial world spanning 27 years, including being a senior level financial advisor. 

As easy going and laid back as they come, he feels free to cut through the BS and gives you the straightforward advice you deserve about your future. That starts with the DIAL system…


Eric’s New PODCAST!

Planning: Financial, Retirement & Lifestyle – 029

Is the stock market out of the woods yet with Covid-19? What is Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Lifestyle Planning and what is the desired outcome for each?(Hint: They are all designed to give you confidence that you can achieve your financial goals.) Hit...

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Planning Your Finances

Planning Your Finances

It’s time to get your financial house in order but you don’t know where to start. Your biggest asset is your 401k so do you start with retirement planning? But then you think about the other money you have in real estate, a college savings account and at the bank. You...

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The Retire Early Edition Part 2 – 028

In the first segment we discuss "Why are we discouraged to Retire Early in the United States?" Also, Why do some Americans move to Foreign Countries in Retirement? Hit subscribe on your favorite channel to join our personal finance unfiltered family so you can receive...

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