As a financial advisor for 24 years I touched all areas of the financial services world and saw all the good things happening… as well as the shitty things that were going on. I worked with a lot of great people who taught me how to operate and maneuver in this world ethically, but on the flip side, I also saw the “not so pleasant” side of the business.
I felt censored during my career working first for a large brokerage firm, then a large bank, and even when finally running my own firm. I felt I was not allowed to say what I truly wanted to say. There were times I did say it, and it put a big fat target on my back. Even owning my own firm didn’t eliminate the censorship. Everything I did and said needed to be approved by my broker dealer, keeping me out of the watchful eyes of the regulatory agency FINRA.
Censored no more, it’s time I get to unleash hell on the personal finance world. 
When I was an advisor, I viewed myself as an educator and financial problem solver. What I aim to do with this podcast is to educate you and teach you how to avoid the traps of the personal finance world. My hope is to guide you through the financial issues that you might be experiencing. I’ll point out the good, the bad and the ugly as we travel through the world of personal finance together.
Podcasting has been a rapidly growing medium for many years now and it allows me to take my passion for educating people on personal finance to folks across the country and worldwide with ultimate convenience. I hope that I can provide answers to questions and stimulate thought for your own planning. With more information and education people can make better decisions.
Whether you’re in your car, on a treadmill or sitting in your favorite chair at home you can listen to “Personal Finance UNFILTERED”.
The first 3 episodes of “Personal Finance Unfiltered” will be released on Tuesday December 17th with a new episode coming every Tuesday. Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on new episodes and topics. Also, be sure to leave a review as it helps the podcast rankings and allows more people who need help to find it.
If you have a personal finance topic that you’d like explored, drop me a line and I’ll discuss it in a future episode!
Let’s get this party started.
Live free my friends,
Eric Gaddy