Sometimes you need a second set of eyes on your portfolio to see if you’re heading in the right direction. Other times you might need an independent second opinion to verify and give you confidence that you’re on the right track. I can help you with both.

Often times people are nervous about reaching out and asking a financial advisor for guidance because in the back of their mind they are thinking “What are they going to try and sell me?” That’s a very fair statement. Most financial advisors get paid a commission or charge you a percentage on your assets.

Who can you trust?

I created “Ask Eric” almost two years ago to give people the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their financial concerns without the fear of being sold anything. I am able to do this because I do not sell financial products. I’ve worked with folks all over the country giving advice on their portfolios and retiring early plans. I’ve also helped with lifestyle planning, specific 401k questions and how much risk someone is taking compared to their comfort level and goals. I still hold the one investment license needed to be able to give specific investment advice for a fee. While this license also allows me to manage someone’s money, I choose not to.

What do I bring to the table?

Experience as a full-service financial advisor for 24 years having worked for a large brokerage firm, a large bank and I owned my own firm for 7 years before selling it in 2017.

2 years focusing on coaching folks across the country. I do this either by phone or Skype/Zoom.

Expert and published author in helping people retire early.

I’m direct but easy to talk to. I’ll keep the conversation simple and educational. I have always focused on educating my clients. To make a smart decision you need to understand all of the facts.

After advising for 26 years, I’ve been asked many of the same questions and the answers come very quickly. However, I don’t profess to having every answer, but I’ll work to find the answer if I don’t know it.

Unbiased opinions. Financial matters consist of more than just your investments and there are no stupid questions when it comes to financial matters. I’ve spoken to folks about budgeting, debt elimination and large purchases. There are times when a person just needs a second opinion without feeling judged or pressured.

How much is it?

I charge $199 an hour.  For ongoing help, I offer monthly subscription plans that offer absolutely tremendous value for the price.

If you have questions, I have agenda-free answers. You might never need my help but if you do, I’m a quick email away to schedule a meeting. Just drop a note in the Live Portal below and I’ll be right back in touch.

Live free my friends,
Eric Gaddy